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quote apparelApparel Industry Financing That Can Help You Cut It In The Marketplace

We’ve been providing working capital solutions to the apparel/footwear/home furnishing industry for decades, so we understand its unique demands for seasonal or growth cash flow. Some of the finance options we offer include:

  • Recourse or non-recourse factoring
  • Quick turnaround
  • Competitive rates
  • Credit checks
  • Domestic and import/export financing

Fast, Flexible, And Competitive Apparel Invoice Factoring

With materials to purchase, and a fashion line to produce for the next year’s market many of you in the apparel industry find yourself in need of working capital to get it all done. By utilizing Crestmark’s apparel industry factoring, footwear financing, or furniture industry finance, you can access working capital that will allow you to continue to turn out quality products. With apparel invoice factoring, the funding is done by professionals who specialize in apparel/footwear/home furnishing/furniture financing, so they know how important getting a quick turnaround on funding can be. And, because apparel financing is flexible, it can grow with your business instead of locking you into a credit line that won’t change. qoute apparel

Apparel Services That Make a Difference

Crestmark’s services go well beyond apparel financing. In fact, we offer solutions that can help your company with risk management and more. From free credit checks that tell you whether a customer is a good or bad credit risk, to 24-hour, 7-day-a-week online reporting that lets you view the status of your invoice payments, Crestmark offers you more ways to stay focused on what you do best – producing the next fashion line – on time.

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