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Fundings for Crestmark Bank, Crestmark Capital and Crestmark TPG

For Immediate Release January 14, 2009

Contact: Mia Beattie
Phone: 248-267-1654

Crestmark Bank, a national provider of working capital solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses, has provided the following financing solutions:

• $600,000 to a Florida company who provides environmental consulting services and needed working capital
• $3,500,000 to a start-up entity who is an exclusive telecommunications services dealer operating out of mall kiosks who is based in Michigan
• $2,500,000 to a Alabama based plastic injection molder for the auto industry
• $1,500,000 to a distributor of building supplies and various mill services located in Georgia
• $3,000,000 North Carolina based manufacturer and distributor of synthetic yarns and craft products
• $2,500,000 to a manufacturer and distributor of textile advertising products located in North Carolina
• $4,000,000 to a Florida supplier of frequency control products used in wireless communication
• $1,250,000 to a provider of IT professionals to various industries in Georgia
• $3,500,000 to a Florida manufacturer of cement roof tiles
• $6,000,000 to a manufacturer and distributor of additives and chemical engineering for textiles who is located in Georgia

Crestmark Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crestmark Bank and located in Baton Rouge, LA is pleased to announce these recent fundings:

• $350,000 to a manufacturer of parts for classic and muscle cars located in Arkansas to pay off existing bank and accommodate expansion
• $250,000 to an Alabama based company that provides construction and maintenance for cell phone tower equipment for working capital
• $1,000,000 to a company who provides print and advertising primarily to large retailers who is based in Texas for working capital
• $500,000 to an Louisiana based oilfield service company who is experiencing rapid growth
• $1,000,000 to a cable and cell phone installer located in California for working capital to support increased business

Crestmark TPG, the transportation specialty subsidiary of Crestmark Bank, and located in Nashville, TN has provided working capital solutions to the following transportation related companies:

• $1,200,000 to a Georgia-based transportation company to provide cash flow as well as pay down an existing IRS obligation

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