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Recent Fundings for Crestmark Bank and Crestmark Capital

For Immediate Release May 14, 2009

Contact: Mia Beattie
Phone: 248-267-1654

Crestmark Bank, a national provider of working capital solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses, has provided the following financing solutions:

• $750,000 to a Michigan-based company who provides new construction services for military housing
• $500,000 to a distributor of paper products, specializing in packaging supplies and located in Florida
• $1,000,000 to a California staffing firm that provides temps to banks and insurance agencies
• $2,500,000 to an Ohio IT company who provides consulting, staffing and contract programming services to several large Fortune 500 companies
• $450,000 to co-owned companies that provide cleaning and maintenance services as well as laundry services and who are located in Arizona
• $1,250,000 an Ohio foundry pouring aluminum castings primarily for the electrical fluid pumping industry
• $1,700,000 to a distributor of consumable or perishable tools located in Michigan

Crestmark Bank, through the West Palm Beach, FL office, has provided the following factoring facilities:
• A funds-as-collected factoring facility to a Florida-based furniture importer
• $500,000 to a manufacturer of fine wood and laminated products based in Georgia

Crestmark Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crestmark Bank and located in Baton Rouge, LA has provided the following financing solutions:

• $1,000,000 to an Ohio company who provides oil well logging for oil field companies
• $200,000 to a Texas-based importer and distributor of glass vases, home décor and silk flowers
• $200,000 to a company who purchases hay from farmers and sells to processors to make pellets located in Wyoming
• $375,000 to a Texas manufacturer and distributor of remanufactured toner and ink cartridges
• $1,200,000 to a Arizona-based distributor of novelty gift, impulse and souvenir gift items to truck stops and travel centers



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