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Crestmark's October & November 2010 Fundings

For Immediate Release December 7, 2010

Contact: Lisa Beattie
Phone: 248-267-1639

Crestmark provided $28,000,000 in working capital facilities to 36 new businesses in October and November 2010. The agreement types included accounts receivable financing, asset-based lending, and various methods of factoring.

Crestmark’s Troy, MI office provided:

• $3,000,000 to a Michigan trucking company
• $1,200,000 to a Michigan distributor of commercial/industrial supplies
• $750,000 to a Michigan IT consulting company
• $1,500,000 to a North Carolina paper product fabrication company
• $950,000 to an Ohio metal stamping company
• $750,000 to a Michigan distributor of computer monitors and flat panel touch screens
• $1,000,000 to a Michigan manufacturer of electronic motors
• $750,000 to a Michigan manufacturer/fabricator of equipment for the automotive industry
• $750,000 to a Michigan distributor of games and electronic cases

Crestmark’s West Palm Beach, FL office provided:

• $150,000 to a Florida janitorial and cleaning services company
• $1,250,000 to a California healthcare staffing company
• $650,000 to a North Carolina engine/transmission machining and manufacturing company
• 1,250,000 to a Florida steel form stamping company
• $600,000 to a Florida import/export freight consolidator
• Funds as collected arrangement to a New York importer/wholesaler of men’s shirts
• Funds as collected arrangement to a North Carolina manufacturer of upholstered and occasional chairs
• $500,000 to a Florida importer/distributor of small kitchen appliances and chairs
• Funds as collected arrangement to a Nevada apparel company
• Funds as collected arrangement to an Illinois lamp design/import company
• $400,000 to a South Carolina manufacturer of equipment for automotive assembly lines
• $250,000 to a South Carolina service/repair company
• $750,000 to a Utah staffing company providing assorted services for automated machines
• $750,000 to a North Carolina manufacturer of active wear fabric

Crestmark’s Baton Rouge, LA office provided:

• $400,000 to a Florida telecommunications service provider
• $400,000 to a Missouri staffing company providing technical support
• $175,000 to an Alabama IT/engineering staffing company for various industries including the government
• $1,000,000 to a Florida distributor of pharmaceutical ingredients
• $750,000 to a Tennessee staffing company providing light industrial temporary workers
• $1,000,000 to a Texas manufacturer/distributor of parts
• $500,000 to a Tennessee distributor of small leather goods
• $500,000 to a Louisiana utility construction company
• $1,000,000 to a Texas oil and gas production equipment manufacturer
• $1,000,000 to a Texas technical training/documentation provider

Crestmark’s Nashville, TN office provided:

• $1,500,000 to a Kentucky trucking company
• $2,000,000 to a Utah trucking company
• $1,000,000 to a Utah trucking company

Crestmark is a nationally recognized provider of working capital solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. Financing solutions include asset-based lending, accounts receivable financing and factoring. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with regional offices in Florida, Louisiana and Tennessee; sales offices located in Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas.


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