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Pros and cons of CDs

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Is a CD right for you? Who benefits most? A person investing $25,000 or more in a certificate of deposit (CD) is less interested in razzle dazzle — and more interested in a promised guarantee. Boring can be beneficial. When you put money into a CD account, your job is simple: wait. Don’t watch the… Read more »

Investing your money (and your trust) in Crestmark CDs

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Making smart, safe choices is essential when you’re planning a financial strategy to grow your business’s wealth, especially if you’re new to investing or if you’re still feeling cautious after the 2008 recession. Investing in a certificate of deposit (CD) with Crestmark Bank is the perfect way to get started. Putting your trust in Crestmark… Read more »

CDs: a powerful tool for your business financial strategy

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When you create a financial strategy for your business, don’t forget to include certificates of deposit (CDs) in your plan. These straightforward investments are simple to set up, involve little to no risk, and offer a solid return on your money. Perfect for busy business owners Most business owners have one thing in common: their… Read more »

Understanding and finding the best CD rates


Once you’ve decided to invest in a certificate of deposit (CD), it is in your best interest to find the best rates. When you open a CD, you agree to make an initial deposit and the bank guarantees a specified interest rate for the term you choose. CD rates are determined by three factors: The… Read more »

Considering highest-yield CD options

Testing Bussiness Ideas

Although reliability and low risk are the major benefits of investing in CDs (certificates of deposit), there are specific ways to optimize your earnings for the greatest return on investment. CDs ask for a mutual commitment from the investor, who agrees not to access their money for a specified period of time, and the bank,… Read more »