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Will Equipment Leasing Increase with Gen Z?

Times are changing. So is the workforce. And we know workforce changes affect business norms on many levels. The oldest members of Generation Z, born 1996-2010, are beginning their careers, as millennials move into management positions. Corporate values are expected to be radically reshaped by Gen Z ideals, which focus on financial security, aversion to… Read more »

Trucking Companies Build Agile Delivery Systems in the Age of Uber

Thanks to Amazon Prime and other door-to-door delivery services, the consumer’s general expectation is that orders should move ultra-quickly. The transportation and shipping industry is making necessary adjustments. In many ways, they are adjustments of scale. That is, trucking companies that are best equipped to deal with urgency may be the little ones—those with just… Read more »

Equipment Loan vs. Equipment Lease: What Makes Sense?

Getting the tools you need for business should not leave you cash-strapped. Equipment financing can equip your business for success by keeping working capital in your hands. Paying cash for a piece of machinery requires paying in full before the machinery is productive and able to contribute to your revenue. Whether you choose to finance… Read more »

Fair market value (FMV) lease vs. $1 buyout

Equipment costs money, and businesses need essential equipment. Leasing options allow you to spread payments over time and keep your cash in hand. According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, nearly 8 in 10 businesses finance equipment, utilizing loans, leases and lines of credit. Equipment loans and lines of credit are an option for… Read more »

Fair Market Value Lease vs. $1 Buyout Lease: What you need to know

Your business likely needs equipment to operate. Businesses looking to improve operations and productivity can do both by leasing new equipment instead of buying expensive equipment outright. Leasing offers an affordable way to upgrade and update business equipment of all kinds while preserving cash. There are two kinds of equipment leases: Fair Market Value (FMV)… Read more »

TIP Capital, a Crestmark Bank Company, achieves Monitor 100 ranking for nationwide equipment leasing companies

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICH., (July 23, 2015) – TIP Capital, a Crestmark Bank Company, recently achieved the #85 ranking in the 2015 Monitor 100 and #79 in new business volume for nationwide commercial equipment leasing companies. TIP Capital’s rise in the 2015 Monitor 100 rankings originates from an 11.1% increase in net assets ($250 million) and… Read more »

Crestmark Equipment Finance Selects Ivory Consulting Corporation’s Equipment Finance Pricing Software

(WALNUT CREEK, CA – July 14, 2015) – Crestmark Equipment Finance has selected Ivory Consulting Corporation’s SuperTRUMP, its proven software solution for accurate modeling and pricing of equipment leases and loans, to enhance its commercial financing capabilities for customer and vendor programs. The investment with SuperTRUMP reinforces Crestmark Equipment Finance’s ongoing commitment to third-party vendors… Read more »

Why should I lease automotive repair equipment?

As vehicles continue to evolve with smarter technology and wireless capabilities, Crestmark Equipment Finance has helped multiple smaller automotive repair shops and larger dealership maintain consistent service levels by providing competitive, fixed payment financing for their needed equipment. What type of automotive equipment can Crestmark Equipment Finance lease? All types including: diagnostic equipment, car lifts… Read more »

Why should I lease security and life safety equipment?

In continuation of our blog series, Crestmark Equipment Finance discusses the advantages of leasing commercial security and life safety equipment including security systems, access control, fire and safety systems, and other technology designed to keep your properties and employees safe. Based on budget, a lot of businesses are pigeonholed into acquiring a security or life… Read more »

Why should I lease healthcare and medical equipment?

In continuation of our blog series, Crestmark Equipment Finance discusses the advantages of leasing medical equipment and why hospitals, healthcare facilities, doctor and dentist offices, and other medical-related businesses should consider financing versus a credit line or bank loan. According to the American Hospital Association, 5,686 hospitals are registered in the United States with 2,904… Read more »