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Asset-Based Lending vs. Factoring: What’s the Difference?

Small-business owners with non-traditional working conditions may also require non-traditional financing. Standard bank loans suffice for well-established companies with well-established revenues; but not all companies operate in a stable market. Consider someone in the staffing or apparel business who has cyclical periods based on the season; or a startup company with secured clients, but without… Read more »

Five Cities with Growing Economies

Local economies are the life of every city in the U.S. They have an effect on nearly every facet of society, such as school systems, population growth, and business opportunities. Local economies, just like our national economy, are always in motion. As cities seek to grow and prosper, they generally experience good times, and periods… Read more »

Seven Ways Small Business Owners Can Seize the Day

It’s leap year! In 2016, there are 366 days instead of the usual 365. An extra 24 hours. A gift of time? For the small business owner, always feeling squeezed, will an extra day make a difference? Many business owners wish for more hours in the day, and at the same time, wish the day… Read more »

Blocking and Tackling: A Sound Business Strategy for 2016

What is your business plan for 2016? The economic landscape is ever-shifting, and 2016 has its share of challenges and opportunities. Employment numbers are up! Oil prices are down! Auto sales went on a tear in 2015! Your business, no matter the size, can adjust to the conditions. But it’s essential to be aware of… Read more »

Crestmark to complete TIP Capital transition to Crestmark Equipment Finance

With the New Year quickly approaching, Crestmark Bank will finalize the transition of TIP Capital to Crestmark Equipment Finance by aligning the leasing company’s operations, website and social media networks into the corporate brand by year end. TIP Capital was acquired by Crestmark in October 2014. As the equipment leasing division of Crestmark, CEF’s commercial… Read more »

9 Resources to Help Small Business Owners

Running a business, large or small, can be daunting. At times, it may feel like you’re constantly putting out fires. Achieving business goals without stress may seem impossible, but it is possible, with practice, to develop an orderly, productive pace to your work. Effective work practices may even contribute to the success of your business…. Read more »

What is a Lender Thinking When I Apply for a Loan?

So you’re ready, and excited, to purchase an insurance agency. You eagerly call a lender to inquire about perpetuation or acquisition financing. The phone call goes well (you think), but a few days pass silently. Is the lender interested? Will I be approved for a loan? I wish I knew what the lender is thinking…… Read more »

Why should I lease construction and forklift equipment?

Whether your next project involves constructing a building or moving a mountain, you don’t want to start down the path of new equipment by making your budget into a mole hill. Crestmark Equipment Finance allows construction and building companies to acquire the necessary equipment for upcoming projects and update outdated equipment to conform to safety… Read more »

Where in the US Might You Start Your Business?

For most, the best place to start a new business is where they live. After all, one of the benefits to working for yourself is deciding when and where to do your work. All the same, some cities can be more economically friendly toward small business than others.  Starting a business in one of these… Read more »