Crestmark Bank Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) provide a worry-free way to earn money. Based on steady and reliable growth, CDs guarantee a predictable, no-risk investment opportunity.

Crestmark CDs afford a simple and cautious way to earn interest. Your earnings are determined by how much you invest and the time period – or term – that you choose for your CD. Regardless of your initial amount or chosen terms, Crestmark CDs promise security, simplicity and guaranteed growth for your peace of mind. And we have a four-star rating with Bauer Financial, an unbiased, independent source of bank and credit union ratings.

Rates shown are for new or rollover Crestmark certificates of deposit. If you have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us with questions at or call 855.267.6445 Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm ET.

Maturity Term APY for Deposits
$25,000 to $99,999
APY for Deposits
$100,000 +
1 month1.00%1.00%
2 month1.15%1.15%
3 month1.35%1.35%
6 month1.50%1.50%
9 month1.55%1.55%
12 month1.70%1.70%
18 month1.75%1.75%
24 month1.85%1.85%
36 month2.00%2.00%
48 month2.05%2.05%
60 month2.15%2.15%

Disclosures: Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of . These rates may change at any time without prior notice. After a Certificate of Deposit is opened, the interest rate is fixed for the term. A penalty is imposed for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Certificates of Deposit will automatically renew.   * FDIC-insured per depositor to $250,000, the maximum allowed by law.

With some of the most competitive CD rates in the industry, and the promise of steady returns, Crestmark Bank can guarantee a return on your investment.

Compare Saving Rates

12 Month CD with a deposit of greater than $25,000

Crestmark Bank1.70%

Wells Fargo Bank0.05%

Bank of America0.05%


National Average0.40%

Source: Informa Research Services,, has obtained this data from the various institutions that it tracks and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.