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Expertise In Staffing Industry Financing

Crestmark has a long history in providing staffing industry financing, we understand the unique challenges of the staffing industry, and can provide the financial support needed to help manage growth, take advantage of opportunities, or help fund payroll.

Unlike most lenders today, we offer a true borrowing-base certificate capability – an option not often seen for deals under $1 million. And with that, Crestmark offers the best of both worlds: a bank transaction with the flexibility of a specialty lender.

From timely, easy-access funding, to flexible, creative support services, with appropriate approvals, Crestmark provides staffing industry financing solutions that allow companies to better manage growth, and take advantage of opportunities. Our staffing industry financing solutions include:

Traditional Bank Lines Of Credit When you’re in the market for a line of credit over $500,000, we can help. We have tremendous flexibility in structuring staffing financing programs that will help you achieve your unique business goals. And, because we specialize in staffing industry financing, we understand your needs.

Payroll Funding Generally includes a higher advance rate, no financial covenants, and no restrictions that prohibit shareholder distributions as long as your company remains solvent. Best of all, it offers greater growth potential. We can help you grow your company with unlimited payroll funding – whether you are a start-up or a multi-million dollar operation.

Traditional Factoring With our Traditional Factoring program, Crestmark purchases your invoices in the normal course of business, and assumes the credit risk on approved customers. While other lenders may claim to offer factoring, if they do not provide credit protection, they are not the real deal. In fact, for their same price or less, we will absorb your credit losses by outsourcing your credit and collections departments, to a team of highly skilled credit managers. And, unlike other factors, we provide you with daily, online documentation confirming all of the activities in your account with us, including receipt of your invoices, advances, customer payments, and other reports relating to your activity.

Acquisition Funding  Industry consolidation and an influx of foreign companies starting domestic units have brought mergers, acquisitions and rollups to a new level of activity. Based on your assets, Crestmark can package acquisition financing to support your purchase or sale, swiftly, smoothly, and with no wasted expense. We can even provide you with secondary financing as debt rather than equity, so that if you need additional financing above that amount, it will reduce the gap and save you from having to use extra equity to complete the deal.

Term Loans Crestmark can provide fast term loans designed especially for you by finance professionals who understand the staffing challenges you face. You will enjoy cash flow solutions with less “red tape” and fewer borrowing restrictions, as well as terms and contract lengths that are flexible enough to help you achieve your short or long-term business goals. Some of our clients use these flexible term loans to open new offices and generate organic growth rather than paying premium dollars for acquisitions.