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Acquisition Funding

A successful business is always looking for opportunities. Opportunities to take advantage of a good deal on an important component. Opportunities to create and structure a leveraged buyout. Opportunities to take advantage of favorable conditions, turning a good situation into a great one.

When you see an opportunity, Crestmark is ready to help you move on it. We provide acquisition funding for large-scale receivables and equipment purchases. Our solutions include asset-based lending, which can fund based on invoices or inventory, accounts receivable financing, which allows us to provide funding to a wide variety of companies with qualifying receivables, and invoice factoring.

Any of these funding options has the potential to be a powerful choice for your company. In addition, the majority of them can be renewed, continuing funding after the initial acquisition and potentially expanding in the future. Because they all rely on invoices, as you invoice more frequently and for larger orders, you’re able to draw upon that larger pool to increase the amount of available credit. In essence, Crestmark’s lending products provide a funding bridge between when you invoice for the product or service and when it is paid. You don’t need to wait until payment to receive your money; financing through Crestmark allows you to use it immediately to cover your costs or to take advantage of strategic discounts.

If you are considering any kind of acquisition for your business, consider Crestmark. We will help you understand the differences between our lending options and how they can be adapted to fit your needs.

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