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Start-Up Loans

New businesses often find themselves in a tough spot: you need money in order to start making money, but with relatively few assets, getting startup capital is difficult. Many banks want to see some form of tangible collateral before they’re willing to lend, especially to a company with a limited history. But with non-traditional lending, you can receive funding based on invoices you’ve issued.

Funding for Your New Business

At Crestmark, we use non-traditional lending capacities to meet the needs of startups and established businesses across the country. Through asset based lending, accounts receivable financing, and factoring, we’re able to provide the capital that our clients need without worrying about a long and detailed credit history. We finance based on your invoices, inventory and other assets, allowing us to bridge the gap between your present financial situation and the moment you receive payment. Getting an advance on your invoice allows you to use that money now, financing the expenses necessary to get the product delivered to your customer.

Start-Up Capital Without a Strong Credit History

There are many ways to get startup loans even in the first days of your business. Whether you’re starting completely from scratch or looking to establish a new product, service, or line of business, Crestmark can stand behind you. Our solutions can help you find the startup capital that your business needs.

Want to learn more about our funding options? A Crestmark representative can help you understand what we offer for your business needs. Contact us today at 888.999.8050 or use our online contact form to get in touch.