MetaBank New Customer Account Form

Please confirm the information you have entered is correct. If you wish to save a copy of this information, please print this screen to a pdf using the “print” button at the bottom. Please scroll down to the area that says “Sign Here” with a blue arrow next to it. Click in that area, and sign in the box that comes up; once that is done, click “Insert Signature.” Then, click the “Agree & Sign” button at the bottom of the screen. That will complete your account application process!

I have the authority to provide this information in the opening of an account for this company.


I am authorized to provide all information in this form to MetaBank to open an account on behalf of the company listed.

I agree that MetaBank may obtain consumer information and use other commercially available databases to confirm the identity of the company principals provided in this application.

Under penalties of perjury, the entity for whom this account is being requested is not subject to any backup tax withholding.

I have read and agree to the Electronic Communications Agreement E-Sign Act, Cardholder Agreement, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use.


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