Crestmark Helps Hungry Children

TROY, MICHIGAN (August 14, 2012) – Crestmark made a huge difference in a hungry child’s life this summer. Participating in the 2012 Hunger Free Summer Food Fight for Kids, the company raised more than $3000 in cash donations, and collected food donations which convert to nearly three year’s worth of food for three children.

Put simply: Crestmark gathered more than 3000 days worth of food for a hungry child. More than 3000 days worth of food! That is a lot of food – from a lot of generous Crestmark employees!

The Hunger Free Summer Food Fight is an annual competition where businesses collect food and funds to help feed area children. The contest ran from July 17-29, with 35 Oakland County businesses participating. The event was sponsored by Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan.
In total, the Food Fight collected 12,829 pounds in food and $49,672 in cash donations. This converts to 43,962 days of food. Crestmark placed 1st in the Food Fight in the 100 Employees and Under category. The company also ranked 4th among all participants. For this recognition, Crestmark will be presented with the Madeline Kafoury Memorial Trophy in September.

“It is a shame that there are so many people living day-to-day without enough to eat,” said Sharmen McVay, Crestmark Vice President. “When you see the difference that Gleaners makes to one family, and then multiply it across an entire community, that’s when you really understand how important this organization is… We are proud to support the work of Gleaners.”