Crestmark Underwriting Team Promotions and Expansion

(TROY, MICHIGAN, May 28, 2013)  In a move to create efficiencies and help the small-to medium-sized business community, Crestmark has realigned its Underwriting Department and has promoted and hired several employees.

  • Steve Gross has been promoted to Senior Vice President, and took on the role of National Underwriting Manager. Gross is a veteran of the commercial finance industry with over 27 years of experience, and has been with Crestmark since 2011. Previously, Gross worked with Bridge Finance Group, JP Morgan, GE Capital and Fremont Financial; he is a graduate of Northern Illinois University.
  • Chad Kerr has been promoted to First Vice President, Underwriting Team Leader for the East Division. Kerr has been with Crestmark since 2005 and has 19 years of experience in the industry. Previously, Kerr owned a field exam firm that provided services for GMAC Business Credit, Bank of America, US Bancorp, Crestmark Bank and more; additionally, he worked for Comerica Bank and Fremont Financial. Kerr has a BS in Finance from Ferris State University.
  • Julie Halbert, First Vice President, has been promoted to Underwriting Team Leader for the West Division. Halbert joined Crestmark in 2009 with more than 15 years of experience in various roles including Field Examiner, Account Executive and Portfolio Manager. Halbert was previously with Capital One Bank (formerly Hibernia National Bank) and has a BS in Accounting from Southeastern Louisiana University.
  • Lynne Farrar, Vice President, recently transitioned from Operations Manager for the Transportation Division to Underwriting Manager for the Transportation Division.  Farrar has been with Crestmark since 2004 and held various positions for the Transportation Division including Underwriter, Portfolio Manager, and Operations Manager.  Farrar has a BS in Finance from The University of Tennessee and an MBA from Belmont University.
  • Joshua Beauvais, Vice President, is transitioning to Underwriter from Account Executive for the East Division. Beauvais has been with Crestmark since 2007 and has contributed to several departments including Operations and Field Exam. Beauvais has a BS in Business Management from Central Michigan University and an MBA from Walsh College.
  • Jerry Friedrichs III, Vice President, has joined Crestmark as an Underwriter for the West Division. Friedrichs joins the Baton Rouge office from The Receivables Exchange, LLC where he held the position of Senior Director, Registrations for over four years. Friedrichs has a BS in Finance from the University of New Orleans.
  • John Trendell II, Vice President, has joined Crestmark as an Underwriter for the East Division. He has over 10 years of asset-based lending and factoring experience with companies including Great Lakes Business Credit, La Salle Business Credit, and Greenfield Commercial Credit. Trendell has a BBA in Finance from Walsh College.
  • Ayodele Nero, Assistant Vice President, is transitioning to the role of Underwriter for the East Division. Nero joined Crestmark in 2012 as an Account Executive and will continue to support her clients as she transitions. Previously, Nero worked with CIT, and has a BS in Economics from the University of Guyana.

These employees join Karen Rosczewski, First Vice President, East Division, Kristin E. Martin, Vice President, East Division; Nelson Rodriguez, Vice President, West Division; Adam Colley, Assistant Vice President, East Division; and Sarah Stutts, Officer, Underwriting Analyst.

“We believe this move will let us really move the ball forward for the businesses that we serve. This will allow more collaboration among the team and will help further promote the additional services that Crestmark offers such as equipment financing,” said Gross. “We’re excited about the team and feel we have the right people in the right roles.”

Crestmark is a nationally known and respected FDIC-insured bank that provides innovative financial solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. Financing solutions include asset-based lending, accounts receivable financing, lines of credit, factoring and equipment financing. Crestmark finances most business-to-business companies, and has extensive experience in helping many industries including transportation, manufacturing, staffing, petrochemical, government contractors, apparel and furniture manufacturing. Headquartered in Michigan, with locations in Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, New York, and Illinois; representatives in Alabama, California, Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, and Texas.