Champions of Business Financing Across the Country

The right capital solutions from a strong financial partner is key for business

It’s a fast-paced, competitive world; startups and businesses with access to working capital and a disciplined approach to managing finances have the edge.

Enter Crestmark. A commercial finance company with a bank charter, Crestmark was founded nearly 20 years ago by Dave Tull, CEO. Tull recognized the need for newly launched and small to medium-sized businesses to have access to funds that would sustain them through early challenges, growth spurts, and potential downturns. Mick Goik, co-leader and president of the company, calls Tull “a serial entrepreneur” and someone who understands, firsthand, what drives a bright mind to bring a new business into being.

A Diverse and Strong Team That Helps

The Crestmark team has an affinity for entrepreneurship and for helping businesses. With a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, including banking, risk management, credit, and turnaround management in various industries, they have the right experience and understanding to partner with businesses. “To accomplish what we set out to do, we had to have the right people on board,” says Tull. “We carefully built, and continue to build, an extraordinary team of dedicated professionals who have industry-specific knowledge and who share our philosophy: ‘We help.’ That’s not just a saying; it’s our culture.”

Infusing Capital and Discipline

Businesses may have good sales, strong manufacturing capabilities, and obvious potential, but they may be limited by their inability to fund their operation over the short term or manage the overall business model. A traditional bank may not be the correct or willing partner. “That’s where we step in,” says Goik, who notes that they receive referrals from traditional banks that respect the unique niches that Crestmark focuses on.

“Our goal is to supercharge all qualified, well-intentioned entrepreneurs who reach out to us,” he emphasizes. “With our combined experience, expertise, and ability to offer the funding and financial services they need to stay operational and growing, we find ourselves achieving that goal every day. The bottom line is that it’s fun for us. We love what we do and that keeps us passionate about helping our clients achieve success.”

Crestmark Financing helps an expanding list of industries, including:

• ManufacturingDavidMick
• Staffing
• Insurance
• Transportation
• Equipment Leasing
• Oil and Gas
• Hospitality