Why should I lease security and life safety equipment?

In continuation of our blog series, Crestmark Equipment Finance discusses the advantages of leasing commercial security and life safety equipment including security systems, access control, fire and safety systems, and other technology designed to keep your properties and employees safe.

Based on budget, a lot of businesses are pigeonholed into acquiring a security or life safety system which might not adequately provide the protection their building or property needs. With today’s advancements in security technology, your business must take into consideration options for systems, cameras and flexibility to ensure a safe environment.

• Avoid Technology Obsolescence: Currently, the security industry is dominated by technology and virtual security platforms where smart camera can detect the difference between a potential intruder or a non-threatening animal setting off the alarm system. Cameras, access controls and security systems are able to be monitored and even turned on/off through smart phones or computers. By purchasing your security equipment, you are locked into those cameras and systems until an upgrade is needed; by leasing your security system, your business can evaluate after 2 to 5 years to see if your system protects your property or needs an upgrade. Leasing allows you to try out your system and avoid outdated protection.
• Tech Refresh Options: With financing your security systems, you may opt for a Fair Market Value buyout option which provides opportunity to upgrade during the lease term to newer equipment at a designated point in your lease. Why upgrade? Newer systems are usually easier and more affordable to maintain vs. older equipment/systems/software.
• Upgrades: A lease is more flexible in upgrading your equipment throughout the designated lease term. Through your selected manufacturer, you can add more security equipment to your current lease at a fraction of the cost of paying cash.
• Protect Your Budget & Property: Many businesses and municipalities have a limited budget allocated to security, access controls or life safety systems. Through leasing’s fixed monthly payments, you can acquire the system to keep your building or property safe with taking shortcuts due to paying cash upfront. Fixed monthly payments help you budget for the equipment based on your selected lease term instead of not getting the proper system to keep your employees safe.

Remember, Crestmark Equipment Finance offers competitive financing programs for security and life safety equipment that not only protects your properties, but these fixed monthly payments also are designed to protect your budget.

To receive a leasing quote for your security or life safety system needs, please contact Crestmark Equipment Finance or call 888.999.8050.